Windows 10 N Anniversary Update Media Feature Pack

Over the last hour, I’ve been looking for the correct update for the Anniversary Update. Since Microsoft does not give...


On the topic of service

I use a lot of hardware. Since I use my products a lot, things break. Usually I try to get support to see if an issue falls under warranty. What I've noticed is that some companies try to avoid replacing things that broke.


Checking for MSDeploy in Inno Setup

At my work, we use Inno Setup to deploy ASP.NET web packages. With PowerShell we set various parameters and call...


GOG, a praise.

GOG is a digital game distribution site. It is comparable to Steam, but it doesn’t have a DRM like Steam...


Why I think Firefox SHOULD implement EME

As you might’ve read on the internet before now, Firefox will implement EME(Encrypted Media Extensions). While the internet is in...


Why I don’t write more lately

The last half a year I have not written that much. This is due to several reasons. First off, I...


Project My Screen not working

While trying out Project My Screen for Windows Phone 8.1, I had the problem that it only showed a black...


Happy new year

I wish everyone a happy new year and a good year of coding!


Xbox One DRM removed, why I think this is BAD

I have to admit, when I first heard about the policy that the Xbox One needed a connection to the...


Cordova/PhoneGap NO TRANSPORT/NetworkError with Ajax in Windows Phone.

When developing for multiple platforms, a framework might be nice. One of those frameworks is Cordova a.k.a. PhoneGap. When using...

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